YouTube autoplay has been running constantly while I code this site and work diligently on “the project,” playing a fairly fantastic mix of snythwave/dreampop/indie grooves.


Not gonna lie, this mix began exclusively with searches for the musical performances featured in the Twin Peaks RevivalChromatics and Au Revoir Simone in particular.

Aside:  These musical interludes, staged at The Roadhouse, are some of the most intense, most perfect performances ever included in serial television. Their placement underscores the dreamlike world of Twin Peaks in a delightful and awe-inspiring way. If you appreciate David Lynch or Twin Peaks at all, you owe it to yourself to see these — nestled though they are amongst inscrutable scenes of pure Lynchianism.

That unpredictable YouTube rabbithole of autoplay — working in my favour for once — spiralled outwards from there to include pretty much anything in the orbit of Johnny Jewel/Italians Do It Better (more from Chromatics and Au Revoir Simone plus Heaven, Desire, et al.), classics like Fever Ray, as well as new-to-me This Mortal Coil, Cigarettes After Sex, and London Grammar.

Chrysta Bell

And Chrysta Bell. Damn!! A voice that gives you shivers and a performance you can't take your eyes from. Totally mesmerizing.