City at night

When it's late and I find myself in a particular headspace, I often crave a night film; one of those movies that evokes the 4am vibe: everyone's gone home, the air is humming with silence. Now only the underside of the world exposes itself; that which is too strange to be active by day, or too corrupt, or too outside society's standard operating parameters.

Does anyone else know the 4am vibe?

Some night films that evoke this feeling for me: Nightcrawler, Drive, Zodiac, Mulholland Dr, Collateral, Good Time, Summer of Sam, among others.

I used to take walks in the middle of the night, just to absorb this sensation. I haven't really done that in a while.

And yet it's this 4am vibe (experienced vicariously, if necessary) that keeps me feeling like the world is still a place of unexplored possibility; the antithesis of my usual 9to5.