The Tragedy of the Impermanent Web


How often are you reading a not-that-old article online and the author makes some external reference that has since vanished?

Text: This video summarizes it well. Video frame: This video does not exist.

Sometimes, the web is forever; the web will archive it all for the good of humankind! But just as often pieces vanish, as above.

From that same article:

Online has no boundaries and online can be fiddled with indefinitely. We trade solidity for instantaneous and boundless distribution. It’s a pretty good trade.

Despite the irony, I don't disagree.

Not Illuminating


I realise I've been coy about the details of the project, a.k.a. the this is entirely intentional and feels appropriate until the nebulous ideas swirling in my head solidify into something more coherent. Sorry about that.

I did, however, spend some considerable time thinking of the best way to articulate the initial project concept in a bite-sized tagline. It's there on display on the homepage and in the footer, and every time I see it I wonder if I'll have to revise it seven times before the project sees the light of day. Sometimes I think I want to invent and express and create in a Level Three Lockdown Bunker of Solitude, so that no one but me can see the end result. Ever.

On the other hand, I just spent a month writing an entire blogging platform with the supposed purpose of enabling me to expatiate on the project progress, so I dunno.... I am an enigma, even to myself.

Have a look at this ring light I just purchased:

Brightly-illuminated ring light powered by a USB battery pack

It factors peripherally into my plans for the project, but I'm not ready to say precisely how.

(Yes, this is insufferable and you should probably unsubscribe.)

Birth Pangs


The made its first whimpers today:

Test printouts on receipt paper strewn on a desk

Two strips of receipt paper printed with blurry images

Had to deal with some Windows printer drivers and PHP configuration to get things off the ground, then elbow-deep into the escpos library to determine the features of this particular thermal printer.

Validated various font modes, printed a swath of misinterpreted control codes, and eventually even got one-bit photo printing to work successfully.

Dithering bits!

Photo portrait printed on receipt paper

Today's progress was made possible by:  Deadmau5;  also more Deadmau5.

Inventor's Lament


Late at night
when I should be asleep
my mind is instead abuzz with algorithms
and code
and dithering bits
and dreams of art
(the creation of)
and community
(the exchanges therein)
wanting nothing more than to work
until sunlight interrupts
or (failing that) to sleep peacefully
drifting off in an instant.

Instead I lay here
my mind abuzz
with algorithms.

Gone Live


Finally moving this blog off the dev server onto the world wide interweb for public consumption! (Prior posts were written offline).

I've added an XML sitemap (for machine-discoverability) and an RSS feed (for subscriptions). There's even a full set of favicon images. Crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's....